“Genius workshop. I highly recommend it for every man!”

“Working with John always really pushes me to my limits. I saw myself doing things that I would have thought impossible before. Nevertheless, I always felt very safe with John. I can’t imagine a better impact for my personal growth.”

“John’s methods impress with apparent simplicity and result in an avalanche of positive changes! Since the coachings, I feel more masculine, move more freely through life and am seen as more self-confident by the people around me.”


“John saved my life. I was stuck in a dead end. He showed me the doorway out of it, one that I spent years trying to find. Thanks to him and his incomparable support, I am now following the path my heart has shown me.”

“John has the incredible ability to always give me a sense of safety and security, even when I’m working on my deepest anxieties.”

“It’s incredibly good to know that I always have you supporting me as an advisor. It motivates me to stay on the ball and not to give up.”

“John is the first person who really understands me and my issues. It’s really getting down to the nitty-gritty now. Thanks, John. You’re a wonderful person.”


“Thanks so much for these poignant days! After your exceptional coaching I am so full of motivation and feel deeply moved!
Your methods – absolutely different.
The changes – palpable down to the smallest cell of my body!
The impact – huge.
My comfort zone – considerably expanded!
You as a trainer – authentic, inspiring, a role model.
Today, three weeks later, I can still feel it. And it works!”

“John, you manage time and again, with one-hundred percent certainty, to draw me out of my negative thought patterns. Where others despair, you handle it just like that with that knowing smile on your face. Thanks for being there.”

“The work with John is a deep, heartwarming and safe journey under his knowing gaze, his compassionate soul to the source of your own masculinity, your own inner strengths that can even sometimes dare to be very gentle, very still and fragile.”

“After the workshop, my wife is much more attracted to me and I feel a powerful connection when having sex, something I’ve never felt before.

“John does me a world of good.”

“John understands how to quickly establish a direct and comfortable connection to me. His relaxed and composed manner enables him to ask the right questions at the right speed in the right atmosphere. I recommend him without reservation.”

“To feel comfortable in my own skin as a man. And quite literally. How well do I know my body and how do I perceive it? And can I allow others to see me as I really am? It wasn’t always easy, but John helped me access my resources in those crucial moments. I thank you, John, for these experiences. They’ve brought me closer to my true self.”

“I’m still totally on cloud nine.
Thank you for the most intense workshop of my life.”


“John, thank you for all your support, for sharing your knowledge and the new perspectives of the world and of myself. A week full of surprises that were right at every moment brought me to my limits and beyond them – and instead of leading to a happy end, lead to a happy never-ending story!”