Individual sessions
$200 / $100


Deep-rooted, fulfilled manhood

When makes a man a man? Why are other men more self-confident and successful than I am? Am I too hard? Too soft? How do I achieve abundance and passion in love, my career and my family? How do I find sexual partners and a fulfilling relationship?

I have developed Male Depth™ techniques for my coaching that enable you to open yourself anew as a man and to directly and physically sense your individual masculinity. Being a deep-rooted man, every day.

“John is the first person who really understands me and my issues. It’s really getting down to the nitty-gritty now.
Thanks, John. You’re a wonderful person.”

Stephan, Berlin


I help you experience a new quality of self-confidence, flexibility, charisma, emotional depth and sexual attraction – and how to use it to fulfil your goals and desires.

Instead of only working on superficial issues, I quickly and safely lead you into a new, in-depth awareness of your strengths, feelings, fears and potential.

Instead of treating the symptoms, I show you effective and sustainable ways to how you can become more flexible, more courageous, more self-confident and freer as a man.

Individual coaching sessions can be scheduled in person or online.
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“John’s methods impress with apparent simplicity and result in an avalanche of positive changes! Since the coaching, I feel more masculine, move more freely through life and am seen as more self-confident by the people around me.”
Martin, Berlin


Individual sessions by appointment

In-person session with John Aigner
$200 per session  (+ 19% tax)

Online or telephone session with John Aigner
$100 per session  (+ 19% tax)