One-Year Training in Berlin,Thailand etc.
12 Months // $ 10.000


Your year of profound masculine growth

Do you want to live what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time? Do you finally want to live up to your full potential? Are you currently stuck in a rut and need a powerful push? Have you already met John Aigner and now want to hit the ground running? Do you want to become a successful men’s coach and mentor?

This year of training specially tailored to your need is your opportunity for this!

Being a fulfilled man starts with a new consciousness and determined action.

Do you have the courage to make an important decision and make lasting changes to your life?
Then contact us now here.

“John saved my life. I was stuck in a dead end. He showed me the doorway out of it, one that I spent years trying to find. Thanks to him and his incomparable support, I am now following the path my heart has shown me.”
-Participant 2018

“John is the first person who really understands me and my issues. It’s really getting down to the nitty-gritty now.
Thanks, John. You’re a wonderful person.”

Stephan, Berlin


John Aigner is renowned for enabling quick results with his unique Male Depth© formats. Yet there are also deep change processes that require more time, need room to grow and mature to become a solid new foundation for your life.

Be one of just three men each year to whom John provides this potent individual training and let him expertly accompany you for twelve intensive months.

Depending on your goals, you can focus the year of training on your personal development, your training to become a certified male coach, or both.

“John’s methods impress with apparent simplicity and result in an avalanche of positive changes! Since the coaching, I feel more masculine, move more freely through life and am seen as more self-confident by the people around me.”
Martin, Berlin

Customized to your needs, John focuses a whole year especially on your issues and potential – so that you succeed in setting a powerful new course in your life.

With numerous individual coaching sessions and vibrant group processes, you have John and all of his valuable tools constantly at your side – so that your everyday life and blockages won’t be a hindrance any longer and so that you will be able to continuously focus on fulfilling your life’s goals!

The Year of Training includes:

  • Weekly individual coaching sessions with John (contingent of 40 sessions)
  • All [mannsvolk] workshops in the year
  • The [mannsvolk] Thailand trip
  • Three-day individual intensive coaching with John, including overnight stays
  • Certification to become a Male Depth© men’s coach
  • [mannsvolk] community membership with hundreds of other men
  • Exclusive live annual meeting with other [mannsvolk] participants
  • Intensive communication with the other trainees in your year group
  • Money-back guarantee

If you aren’t one-hundred percent satisfied after the first month of the training, you will get your money back with no strings attached.

Decide for a year of growth as a man – an awakening to your authentic masculine power. Let us support you and experience your goals becoming a reality.


Individual start dates by appointment
12 Months, Berlin, Thailand etc.
$ 10.000
incl. individual coaching sessions, workshops, trips

Installment payment plans are available.

“Genius workshop. I highly recommend it for every man!”