[mannsvolk] ICELAND
Men's Intensive
10 Days // $ 2600

[mannsvolk] ICELAND

Connect to Your Primal Force

Are you ready to bring your primal force and fire out into the open? Then come join us in a mystical land of volcanoes and glaciers, where the Earth brings its interior depth to the surface: Iceland.


Feel the Elements

Carried by a fraternal group of men, you will feel the cold and rawness of Iceland’s natural landscape – while the fire in your heart begins to blaze stronger.

Wilderness, ice lakes, secret lagoons, hot springs, volcanoes, whales, sled dogs, glaciers and jeeps provide the unique framework in which Iceland’s mysticism can connect us to our primeval masculine core.


Travelling Frees Your Soul

This men’s wilderness tour has been put together especially for us. With our group rate, it offers you an exceptionally reasonably priced opportunity to explore Iceland in a way that few tourists get to.

Packed with experiences and masculine energy, this journey offers you valuable coaching sessions, workshops, inner reflection and the honest feedback of a supportive band of brothers.

Let your soul be touched by [mannsvolk] Iceland and return home as an invigorated and deeply-connected man.

“The spirit that you let out of the bag on this trip and that set off the initial spark in me really packs a punch! Besides the profound contact with other men, I was also able to build a deeper and substantial connection to myself on this trip.”
–Horst, Frankfurt
-Horst, Frankfurt

“This trip redefined the meaning of freedom and friendship for me.”
-Manuel, Basel

[mannsvolk] ICELAND

August 13 – 22, 2022
10 Days, Iceland
$ 2600 (+ flight to Reykjavik)
Fee includes wilderness tour, coaching, workshops, accommodation, food, tax