“Experience Your Masculinity!"

I’ve been developing the Male Depth™ – Techniques for Men since I started mentoring in 2007. It’s an experience-oriented catalog of effective routines and exercises for living a fulfilled life as a man.

These proven methods are very effective in helping you find your individual masculinity, to strengthen it and to successfully leverage it for your goals and desires.

The results and areas of application run the gamut from a new perception of your body and yourself to the art of seduction and better sex to more self-confidence and mettle in all life situations – in short, to more abundance, power and freedom in your life as a man.

If you are interested or have any questions, simply get in contact with me for a free chat.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!




I am a coach and mentor for men. I gained my skills and experience via my lifelong engagement with communication, leadership, sexology and psychology (studied in Los Angeles), a broad range of communication courses, my regular men’s workshops, my training as a youth group leader, my godchildren, my long-term romantic relationships, my career as a fashion and entertainment photographer and my consciously living a life every day as a man and fellow human being.


Photos by Christian Klant, Marcus Rebmann and Andre Hotzler