As a male coach, I am the mentor of many men. As different and individual as the stories of my participants are; At the core it is always about the question: How do I lead a happier life as a man?

The answer can sometimes be very complex, but there is a highly effective practice tip that I give to almost all of my participants: Go more travel!

Journey to happiness

It may sound simple, but consciously applied, traveling is a powerful tool for more flexibility, creativity, clarity, courage, freedom, and new visions – and can sustainably increase your wealth and happiness in all walks of life.

In my case, I can say very clearly: Travel has shifted my horizons. Without being active in the world, I would not be the happy man I am today.
Even as a teenager, I traveled by train across Europe and my first year in the US in a cultural exchange program after graduating from high school was not only the healthy and necessary Abnabelung from the parents – but also the decisive course setting for my life today.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to have traveled all five continents, sweetening myself for years extensively in the sunshine of Thailand and constantly looking at new countries and places that I visit or live in for a while.

Let your soul dangle – and grow!

You probably already know the recreational and recreational factor of travel. No matter if it is the Saxon Switzerland or the Caribbean – just relax and take a break and relax.

From a psychological point of view, exciting things happen that you can consciously intensify and use effectively for your further development and positive changes in your life.

How flexible are you?

In our everyday life many things happen automatically. At home you know every detail from the bedroom to the bathroom. The way to work or other daily repetitive processes are pure habit and happen without you needing much awareness or flexibility. The proverbial daily routine comes to mind.

With our thoughts and emotions that hardly looks different. There are thought trajectories and recurring feelings that are tightly coupled to our external environment and that run in sync with our behavioral patterns. This may initially provide security, but often mix boredom and the feeling of being stuck in a hamster wheel with it.

Important: by staying in the same places for a long time, the flexibility and willingness, and even the ability to change and further develop, creeps creeping-and often unnoticed.

Freedom in the head

Travel changes all of this abruptly. As soon as you enter new places, your head rises to its peak. He has no choice but to be alert and alert: to find his way around in the changed environment and creatively master the new territories. A little bit as if a fresh wind blown into your brain, which blows your synapses along with thoughts and sensory tracks again good.

Traveling to new places signals your head: Yes, I can get out of the ordinary! Yes, I am freer and more courageous than my daily routine!

Get out of the comfort zone, into the adventure

This state fosters creativity, independence and is a real opportunity for growth and development. It gives you the freedom and vision to think outside the box, to initiate new things in your life, and to make bolder decisions. I recommend you to wake up this condition often and consciously through small and large trips.
From experience I know, it can be helpful to venture further and further out of your comfort zones. The more exotic and unknown the places you travel, the greater the effect is often.

If you feel like getting all the benefits outlined above, you can join me on an exciting trip to Southeast Asia soon: [mannsvolk] Thailand is a powerful men’s class travel experience, offering you a potent mix of multi-faceted adventures that you be inspired as nachahltig.
To my great pleasure, this tour has impressed every participant so far and was the starting signal for many a man to live a new and more self-confident life.
Be there and let me tune in here with a video.

See you soon in freedom, man!

Yours John